About Us

From the beginning of our training days, we had a decision, to be as honest and clear as possible with customers, and keep them happy and satisfied. When we made that decision, we had forecasted the future. Our goal achieving stability and keep it for long- terms. Hopefully, we have reached it with our love and understanding. Therefore, establishing the dialogue and making decision according to the client’s point of view made us continue our way. So, what distinguishes us and makes us different from the others is the importance we give to our student’s ideas and their view of points and because we improve ourselves all the time.


Our Classrooms:

  • Each classroom consists of 30 students.
  • Classrooms include Air Conditioner and supported with a Cine vision.  


Writing Lessons Subjects (Last 3 weeks):

  1. Traffic and Environment.
  2. First Aid Knowledge.
  3. Vehicle Technique, Traffic Rules and Etiquette.


Week days courses are:

  • Monday – Friday from 19.00 to 21.00.

Weekend days courses are:

  • Only Saturday from 


Writing Exam:

Question distribution (Totally 50 Questions):

  • Traffic and Environment 23
  • First Aid Knowledge 12
  • Vehicle Technique 9
  • Traffic Rules and Etiquette 6
  • Score to pass the exam is 70%. (35 right answers of 50 Questions)


Driving Training Time:

  • Driver Trainings are held in Kemerburgaz
  • Driving Training time can be planned according to the student’s schedule.


Practical Driving License Type B:

  • Total Training hours are (16).
  • Practical training hours for vehicle are 14 hours, and training with simulator is 2
  • (The automobiles used for driving lessons are Renault Clio\2018),Toyota yaris (manuel-automatic) 


Practical Driving License Type A:

  • Total Training hours are (12).
  • (The motorcycle used for driving Lessons is Yamaha MT 07)


Practical Driving License Type A1:

  • Total Training hours are (12).
  • (The motorcycle used for driving Lessons is Honda CB 125)


Practical Driving License Type A2:

  • Total Training hours are (12).
  • (The motorcycle used for driving Lessons is Bajaj pulsar ns200 & ns150)


Diving Exam

  • The driving Exams will be made at the same place with the same Vehicle.
  • Trainers will teach you all you need to do during the exam.
  • Trainees who pass the exam can apply at any traffic registration center with the driving certificate that given from our institution.




Courses fees:

  • B Class: 20000 Turkish Liras.
  • A Class: 19965Turkish Liras.
  • A1 Class: 14250Turkish Liras.
  • A2 Class: 16640Turkish Liras.


Other fees:

  • Writing exam fee 600 Turkish Lira
  • Driving exam fee: 750Turkish Lira


Fees of converting the driving certificate to driving license:

  • (Type B) 5165,45 Turkish Liras.
  • (Type A, A1, A2) 2528,40 Turkish Liras.

** These prices are only for 2024.

** Our team will help you with the bureaucratic procedures.


 Foreigners Terms and Conditions to obtain Driving License in Turkey:

  • All foreigners who have residence permit or education permit for more than 6 Months in Turkey can obtain the Driving License.


Required Documents for Foreigners are the following:

1)      Certified copy of Passport, Translated and Notarized at the Turkish Government.

2)      Valid, Residence Permit or student’s visa, more than 6 months in Turkey.

 (* For Syrian citizens Temporary Protection certificate is enough).

3)     Certified copy of the Education Certificate, Translated and Notarized at the Turkish government.

4)      1 Biometric photos recently taken (Last 6 months).